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Most of my reviews come from my Wyzant tutor profile. These reviews are verifiable from this third party. I have edited some for spelling and grammar. I can be hired on Wyzant, but I offer my most competitive rates on my independent tutoring site,

The best in my experience


24 lessons

Quite simply, Mark is the best tutor! In corporate group or individual sessions, he demonstrates such a broad theoretical knowledge of statistics, as well as a deep expertise of Stata. This know-how is coupled with real teaching ability. He is professional and personable too! I am so relieved that I finally found a good stat tutor.

Extremely Knowledgable Stata Tutor


11 lessons

Fantastic tutor!! Mark was incredibly helpful in assisting me with STATA for a final project at an elite university. Mark advised me as to the best way to go about collecting datasets, building my own, and importing and merging them into STATA. Would highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs help navigating the STATA environment.

Great Stata tutor


3 lessons

Mark taught me the basics of Stata. How to properly set up a do-file, run different types of regressions and interpret results. It was really useful and all within 1 hour of my time

Reliable and knowledgable


26 lessons

Mark is very reliable and knowledgable. He helped me refine the idea of my final project and taught me how to carry out the empirical analysis. He is very helpful and kind.

Amazing knowledge of STATA


13 lessons

Mark is enthusiastic, innovative, and extremely knowledgeable in applying and teaching STATA, including the analysis of complex medical research data. He is also able to easily and quickly explain the significance of outputs, and look at relationships within the data, which was very helpful to me.

Best STATA and Econometrics Tutor


11 lessons

I've gone through numerous tutors on here for STATA help when creating econometric models before I found Mark. Many tutors are helpful with econometrics but simply don't have anywhere near the level of understanding of STATA as Mark and that is if they use the program at all. As a grad student there is an extra level of complexity to my modeling and the STATA skill required for my work and unlike many other tutors Mark has no problem explaining concepts and coding. His tips on quick keys alone are worth a session. Throughout my experience on here I've only found one other tutor that I would say is comparable and Mark's willingness to be flexible with time simply makes him the easy choice.

Very Knowledgeable and highly recommended.


1 lesson

I am a Ph.D. student and I was having a hard time to review my data and analysis. Long story short: It took me two hours to work with Mark the same things that would take 10 with some other tutors that I have tried. He is incredibly knowledgeable and aware of the needs of his students. I highly recommend him.

Mark is an excellent expert in Stata


2 lessons

I had a very complicated project in Stata and hired two Stata experts before Mark to help me with that and none of them could help me. Mark was fast, clear and sharp in figuring out the Stata problem. I have a Ph.D. in economics and teach economics to the graduate students and definitely recommend Mark to anybody who has a complicated project in Stata.

Great tutor


35 lessons

Mark was very knowledgeable. He was very patient answering my basic questions one by one as I was learning the statistics skills and Stata skills at the same time. I'd recommend him greatly.

Thorough, patient, and incredibly smart


2 lessons

Mark responded to my inquiry within 10 minutes and we were able to schedule a meeting for him to help me with my multiple regression project and also how to use Stata. He was extremely patient with me, walked me through all the questions and topics I had, made complicated matters seem easy. Very helpful and very smart, he was very familiar with the program and he's an expert in math/statistics/regression. Goes out of his way to ensure that I understood all aspects of the project.

Best STATA tutor


11 lessons

I had a very complicated dataset and I contacted several STATA tutors before I reached out to Mark. He understood what I need clearly and was able to merge and clean up my data the exact way I need. Throughout the project, Mark also provided me a lot of advises on how to create variables and do comparisons to make my research argument more valid and comprehensive. He explained every step clearly and was very patient and responsive even after the lessons when I have some follow-up questions. I would definitely work with him again in the future.

Hands down best statistics/STATA tutor!


21 lessons

Mark patiently helped me figure out a daunting 30 page research project in STATA. Not only is Mark extremely patient, but he knows every trick in STATA possible and really helps you learn the material until you know it perfectly! Recommend to anyone.

Very knowledgeable tutor


5 lessons

Mark was extremely helpful in showing me how to organize my STATA code and learn new commands that are more efficient for conducting the analyses I need. He's helping get me back on track with my dissertation!

Focused and Friendly Expert


3 lessons

Mark is a patient teacher who will help you ask questions of your data before you even know what to ask. Preparation and follow-up after sessions is thorough and prompt. You won't regret going to Mark for help with STATA and statistics.

High-level expertise, engaging, and knowledgeable


3 lessons

I am a graduate student in finance and my project involved replicating a research paper. This was a very difficult paper to understand, let alone replicate. Feel free to read it before bed if you'd like: "Illiquidity and Stock Returns: Cross-Section and Time-Series Effects". The rest of the graduate class submitted poorly constructed code with incorrect results. I chose to reach out to Mark for help. Mark helped clean the data, create the variables, and produce summary statistics. While that sounds simple enough, this was an incredibly large data set, the variables were complex, the constraints confusing and abundant, amongst other things. In addition, Mark suggested skipping over a certain part (finding mean of annual skewness for 4 complex variables) that would take hours to process and have no effect on my grade. This saved hundreds of dollars and is indicative of his character and approach to tutoring.

Great Instructor


1 lesson

Mark was a great instructor, I would really recommend it with stata assignments or toturinng. We spent 3 hours as we thought. He tried to finish all the major requirements to make sure that I'll be able to finish it alone. He is respectful, professional and smart.

Specialized knowledge


2 lessons

I was having a lot of trouble finding a tutor to help me with my course. Mark was the only one who proved knowledgeable in the material.

STATA Expert


4 lessons

Mark is an expert in statistics and economic data analysis who deep understanding of STATA. Although his asking rate is higher than what other tutors offer, Mark was able to help me much more with my thesis in an hour in an hour than other Wyzant tutors were able to help in 2 hours; I think that I will end up spending less overall, because he was so much more knowledgeable and efficient. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn more about how to use STATA.

Great STATA Tutor


4 lessons

Mark was very easy to get in contact with and was also willing to accommodate to my schedule. He taught me the essentials of STATA and we managed to get everything done under the budgeted time, which was great too! I would definitely recommend Mark

Knowledgeable Stata Instructor


2 lessons

Mark is a patient and knowledgeable tutor. He make every effort to help me through my biostats assignments. He explain the commands and processes of the STATA program. I would highly recommend Mark as a stats tutor.

A STATA pro!


11 lessons

Outstanding! Mark knows his stuff and walked me through the steps I'll need to succeed. I'm a 47 year old guy with minimal computer and tech skills and he keeps it to a level I understand. I'm looking forward to working with him more.

Amazingly helpful


1 lesson

I am a PhD student in Urban Planning and needed help working with Stata codes. Mark did a great job helping me work out the bugs in my codes and getting my data in shape for my analysis. Rather than doing all the work for me, Mark showed me how I could do it, which was exactly what I needed. Now I have the codes I need to make progress on my project and in the process I will learn how to perform these functions in Stata. Since Mark is so knowledgeable in Stata, we worked very efficiently during the time we spend together. Thanks for your help, Mark!

In-depth expertise, solid delivery of instruction, and strong integrity


2 lessons

Mark is extremely patient with students who do not understand the material and he is able to simplify terms without being condescending. He relates to where students are and helps a student to really learn the material and not just toss something together to get a grade. I have taken quantitative research for five weeks now and in one session with, I'm finally beginning to understand it.

Excellent tutor


9 lessons

Mark was able to handle a rather complex problem. He knew all the inns and outs of Stata. He also knew econometrics and was able to advise on my paper.

Really helpful and knowledgeable


3 lessons

Most of our work was in Stata, but also helped in other topics covered in my political stats class.

Excellent Tutor


22 lessons

Mark is wonderful to work with, he is knowledgeable and very positive. My work requires a high-level of expertise in statistical modeling. I am a PhD Political Science student and was fortunate to have him as my STATA tutor - he saved me!

Thanks Mark!


5 lessons

He was so knowledgable that he guided me into a right direction. Very helpful dealing with my project involving STATA.

Helpful with advanced/graduate level work


2 lessons

Mark helped me with my STATA assignments for my epidemiology class. Although Mark was not very familiar with epidemiology we were able to combine our knowledge and finish the assignments together. Mark was very patient, he had a good organized set up, and was flexible with many of my restraints surrounding life as a graduate student. He explained to me the reasoning behind all his code and was able to provide some coding shortcuts that were not mentioned in my class but very helpful with dealing in data management. My assignments were fairly advanced dealing with large data base sets, and complex sampling design -- it was very difficult for me to find anyone who was tutoring at this graduate level -- thankfully I found Mark and he came to my rescue! I will continue to contact him for help with other STATA programming assignments in the future. Thanks Mark!

Mark knows everything on Stata. Simply the Best.


7 lessons

I had a complex graduate level Stata assignment that I was struggling to get started with because the assignment was written in SAS code. Im not the one that goes online looking for help but when I found Mark I struck "Stata Gold". Mark was able to diagnose all the problems I had with Stata and he was able to help me finish the entire project within less than a couple of hours. I thought this project would take a month to complete and I intend to spend my extra time working with Mark on future regressions and learn more complex Stata tricks. I give him the highest recommendation.

Expert in his field


1 lesson

Mark is extremely knowledgeable on Stata and Econometrics lessons. If you need help with anything to do with Stats and Econ he's your guy.

Great Tutor


4 lessons

Mark is really patient and knowledgeable. We spent more than two hours working on my econometrics research paper. My topic and data structures were challenging but he did a great job putting things together and regressing the data.

Helpful and Engaging STATA tutor


5 lessons

Mark has been instrumental in helping me work through my final term project for my culminating Economics major experience. Mark gave me a clearer idea of what treatments outcomes I wanted to look at for in my particular study as well as how to better identify relevant controls. Sessions with Mark are efficient, clear, and organized. Mark charges a fair rate and is passionate about helping you better understand STATA and econometrics techniques.

Passionate & Knowledgeable


14 lessons

He was passionate & knowledgeable about the subject in addition to being extremely helpful. He made sure you understood the material.

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